Where Do We Begin

  • Make plans now, long in advance of ownership death or disability for ease of transition.
  • Whether you turn the business over to your children or sell to outsiders, the company must be appraised for the estate value, now.
  • Lines of credit must be insured, immediately.
  • Key owners and top management must have life insurance to protect or indemnify the company from the sudden death of executives.
  • The corporation has an obligation to have a legitimate buy/sell agreement created right now.
  • The key points above must be in place long before an ownership death occurs.

When you need to meet business and civic leaders

As Rick states, “I network my network of clients with a large group of business and civic leaders. If a client needs a widget and another client manufacturers widgets…they are introduced. Many of my clients become clients of each other. People you can trust, with the same goals, the same aspirations as yours.”

My clients become family…and I’ll do anything for family

According to Rick, “A client had confided in me that his son had graduated college and was a having a hard time landing his first job. I took it upon myself to make some calls and spent time exposing him to various businesses and community leaders I thought he could complement. I’m proud to say, this hard working kid is now one of the country’s top producers for a major credit card. In another instance a client wanted to open up a trucking business. I introduced him to four of the major players in Northeast Ohio and that introduction was the impetus for him opening up what is now a leading distributorship in the area. As you can see…this is way more than financial planning.”

Encore, the second phase of your life…the passion you didn’t have time for before

The kids have graduated college, your parents are taken care of…now it is time to think about you.  Imagine a paycheck with passion? Maybe working for your favorite charity, or making a difference in the ecology, in a kid’s life? Whatever your passion…you need to speak to Encore Wealth Planning first. Our human resource experts will help you land that job, that dream, you had no time for before. We’re interested in those who want to re-invent themselves, to make their Encore a reality. You are looking to contribute something more than a job; more important…more rewarding than the way you have spent the last forty years. Whether your passion is for animals, the environment, the elderly, and education,  children,  philanthropy, our lifestyle consultants will make your dreams a reality.